Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Another summer memory here, and some pictures from the wonderful Spin/Dye/Weave workshop led by  Georgina Barney and Line Nilsen.

The photos below show some of the natural dyeing process that we dyed fleece with - I was learning in particular about woad which produces the vivid blue. It was a really exciting process, and felt particuluarly exciting to dye such vivid colours from plants that Georgina had grown, and we had harvested that very morning.
The weekend of workshops also included an introduction to hand spinning, as well as a session learning the basics of weaving on a small loom. 
 adding the fleece to the woad dye vat

 when the fleece comes out of the dye bath, the colour changes rapidly
some of the fleece dyed with woad, and also chammomile and weld, drying on the rack

some of the other samples, including the coreopsis which produced such a wonderfully vivid red.


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