Tuesday, 4 September 2012

According to Brian Haw

Video Trailer by YMT here - http://vimeo.com/56544979

And images from 'According to Brian Haw'

Photos by Jon Bromwich

According to Brian Haw

This summer, I designed the show 'According to Brian Haw'.

Brian Haw was the peace protester, who campaigned and camped on Parliament Square for 10 years, until his death last June. Brian's story is at the heart of the piece - young people's relationships with and around the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and after 9/11.

For this piece, I really wanted to make the whole space like Brian's peace camp - as if the audience have joined in, and come to help out, and protest. Collections of banners and placards, camping chairs and flags, pallets, and lots of other things that you may find at camp were clustered around the space, and the audience were invited to come and join the camp; very close to the action.