Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ziad Ghanem

Today, my first illustration for Amelia's Magazine has gone online. Included within an interview with Ziad Ghanem, it has many photographs of his fabulously sumptuous and opulent S/S14 collection, inspired by Queen Victoria, as well as many other illustrative interpretations.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Elephants and Sailing Boats

Christmas Crafting Part 2 - Elephants and Sailing Boats


Christmas Card Crafting Factory part 1

And, now, Christmas is over! I've pulled it out to its full length, yet again, but truly it is no more. Decorations are well and truly packed away. However, I'll take the chance instead to show some of the things that have left my Christmas crafting factory over the past few weeks.

My biggest commission this time was a set of Christmas cards; all handmade and 175 in number. All ended up to be completely individual from the next! Inspired by Christmassy brass bands, I managed to incorporate some of the family's drawings as well!


To be continued...

Model making Workshop

SO, at the end of November, I was asked to do a model making workshop at Burton Colllege. For photography students, it was a one day project to create  a world within a box, and then to photograph it. I showed some of my work, and work of other designers, and then we set off making!

Though we overran a little (which meant the edits were shown the next day), it was great fun, and Marie and myself also created our very own world...