Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On Shining Wings Photographs

Photographs from 'On Shining Wings'

On Shining Wings - Early costume sketches

With my costume designs, I created a grey, and dreary impression of working class life, first in the Late Victorian times, and then, in 1913. With the whole cast in this monotone scheme, it gave a real impression of black and white photographs.

On Shining Wings - Puppets

A big feature of this story was pigeons - and we decided early on in the process, to create the pigeons using puppets.

Developing a puppet that was simple enough to make for a large cast (32, with spares!) was quite a task. Giving a suggestion of the birds, without explicitly showing them was important, and stuffing socks seemed the best way to achieve this!

Another important factor to think about whilst developing them, was to work out how they would work with the cast, who would be wearing them during movement sections of the play.

How the pigeons would be seen and perceived by the audience was also important. I was determined that the actors should still be in their period costume whilst 'being' the pigeon. The subtle transformation from character to pigeon worked really well.

Science PopUp Shop

Our task with this project was to create a Science Pop Up Shop in Nottingham - the first of it's kind.

I was working with 2 others to create the Library section of the shop's space. We wanted to make a quiet and relaxing area, quite separate from the science activities that were going on also - a quiet space to reflect and read.

Our idea was to have a tree to sit under, and read by. By chance, recent storms meant that there were some large, sweet chestnut branches that had been blown down at Wollaton Hall.

We managed to pack them into the car, and bring them down to the rather dreary space - bringing a bit of nature into the space was a lovely relief from the old and grey shop.

It was a very busy week, with a very tight budget - but I think our tree worked well in it's situation.

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Notting Hill Carnival 2010

I stumbled across these pictures the other day, showing the bit of work I did making Biana costumes for the London School of Samba's section of carnival.

I did a lot of work making these pot costumes - stencilling patterns on the fabric, and stitching the black PVC type fabric.

I also spent quite a few hours brushing ostrich feathers. They'd been dyed purple, and they needed brushing out whilst being dried out with a hair dryer. A repetitive task - but looks great in the end!

Photographs by Clare McGarrigle  (of Carnival), and myself.