Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Gentle Giant

I've just got my hands on these photographs from January of this year, of The Gentle Giant. A PMLD show by Bamboozle, its a really special one, telling the story of the lonely giant who lives on his own on an island, and ends up saving the whole village. The original story was written by Micheal Morpurgo.
These photographs were taken by Martin Neeves.

The Great Gatsby

Here is another post from the archives, looking back to last summer, and 'The Great Gatsby' with YMT. These wonderful pictures were taken by Stuart Harrison.


So last week, Nottingham Playhouse hosted the end of the Spring '17 COAL tour. Our last troupe of Pit Women to costume arrived, and this time there were 6! It was a little more of a challenge, but we had 2 really wonderful shows to celebrate the end of the tour. They really did an amazing job.
I also found my best charity shop buy of 2017... this commemorative plate, for our french miner who has just left the company, who is from Saint-Etienne of all places...!

COAL returns to Scotland this autumn, so keep your eyes peeled for more tour dates.

The Tales of Birbal

Here are a few pictures that I took from the Dress Rehearsal of 'The Tales of Birbal' by Mashi Theatre. I worked as assistant designer,to Sue Pyecroft, looking after the costumes, and helping realise the props and puppets. It really was such a good looking show to be making, I just wanted to take everything home with me. Especially Sue's woderful crow puppets, made from bin bags!