Thursday, 5 September 2013

According to Brian Haw

Here are some of the shots from the production of 'According to Brian Haw' that was at Riverside Studios at the end of August.

Photographs courtesy of David Severn

And here's some press too...

Songs and Dances of Death at the Forest

Last Saturday I witnessed the official opening of the newly refurbished Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham. I went along to see a sneak preview of 'The Showmen' photography exhibition by David Severn ( which will be shown in the Pavilion during the Goose Fair in October, but it got me thinking about my speculative Opera Project that I'd done for my degree. I realised I never updated more some of the developments that I'd made, and maybe it was time to do so.

Here are some of my collaged storyboards, showing the bonfire on Forest Fields, as the audience and opera company inhabit the field.

Now I'm not sure I'm quite up to putting on large scale, site specific operas just yet, but seeing the Forest's newly rejuvenated spaces did get me wondering... Maybe a big, procession like community event could be something I get my head around next?

According to Brian Haw development

So I have been a little late getting these bits of work up, but surely better late than never?! Yesterday saw the end of 'According to Brian Haw' as I unloaded the van for the very last time, returning all of the props, costumes and many many camping chairs to their homes. So, maybe about time to show what I've been beavering away on?

Here's my model box for the musical at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith. Each of the little beige and white squares are seats for the audience, with the larger ones as pallets for the cast to play upon.

There were many banners to be made, and here are a few of my scale 1:25 model banners...

And some costume designs too.

Glastonbury Festival

June of this year holds some beautiful memories, when I went bin painting at Glastonbury festival. When we arrived, 12,000 bins were stacked up next to our campsite: the mountain of the task was waiting for us! Over the 2 and a half weeks before the festival, we painted bins, bins, bins, entrance gates, and then more bins in the beautiful back garden of Glastonbury that is Worthy Farm. Armed with lots of paint and a team of amazing friends and painters, the weeks flew by in a flash. The entrance gate mural here were painted by my friend Winfred ( and I.