Monday, 20 August 2012

The Physicists

I did a couple of days work at Rocket, whilst The Physicists set was being built. The whole thing was white, which required very careful painting. My task mainly was drainpipe sanding, but I did get to do a bit of painting!

Image by Johan Persson from

Hay Fever

I did a couple of days work for Rocket Scenery, painting lots of doors for Hay Fever at the Noel Coward theatre.

Top image by Catherine Ashmore from

Beauty and the Beast

From last year's panto in Harrogate, where I worked as wardrobe assistant for a month.

There was lots of popper and patch stitching involved, and the costumes (and set) did look truly fantastic.

Images from

Lion in Winter

Here was my first bit of work experience for Rocket Scenery, assisting with scenic painting. Lots of stone was painted, textured, re-painted, re-textured... But it does look rather stunning in the end!

Top image by Catherine Ashmore from


A showing of our Carnival performance at the Private View of the Degree Show.

Making Carnival Peacock

As well as making a skeleton as a group, we also developed a large peacock puppet as a smaller group.
Made from fused, recycled carrier bags, we wanted to highlight issues surrounding sustainability.

Making Carnival Skeleton

For this group project, we made a giant skeleton puppet for one to wear, for carnival. Made from Plastazote that could be moulded and formed, it was definitely a feat of engineering!

Master and Margarita Model

Model for 'Master and Margarita', site specific work in Park Tunnel, Nottingham. Design as Occupy camp.

Master and Margarita costume designs

Costume Designs for cast of Master and Margarita.

Master and Margarita storyboard

Site specific, speculative project, designing for 'Master and Margarita' in the Park Estate Tunnel, Nottingham. Collage storyboard images.

Life Drawings

Life Drawings form my second year at university.

Continuous Line Drawings

Continuous line drawings from around Nottingham.

 Then further developed in Photoshop...

And more drawings

The Tempest

A lighting installation project from the end of first year, with inspiration drawn from 'The Tempest'.

Life Drawing

Life drawing form my first year at university. My proportion is slowly getting there...

Wuthering Heights

A costume design for Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights. 

Final photo shoot for Catherine's nightgown.

And here's some of the ghostly costume drawings...