Monday, 25 January 2016

Race Cards by Selina Thompson

In October last year, I was involved in Selina Thompson's installation 'Race Cards'. It involved 996 handwritten questions on cards, installed together. Read a review of it:  here

Photographs of installation by Meg Lavender

It was a very intense week, writing out the questions for this installation.

making 'Not The End Of The World' at the Fringe

Some photos from the making of 'Not The End Of The World'

Some production photographs can be seen: here


A few photos from TRANSFORM last year, when I helped Hannah Wilson make her wonderful creations for the West Yorkshire Playhouse's festival. It's amazing what you can do with neon garden twine!

photo by Hannah Wilson


Another post from the summer time... helping to paint the wonderful jigsaw puzzle that is the design for 'Annie' bu Colin Richmond.

I  only helped out for about a week on this mammoth build, but it really was a stunning show to see the transformation from the tiny, and immaculate model, to massive theatre show.

I helped out painting the floor, and on some of the hundreds of jigsaw pieces that make up the scenery.

Some photos I took during the painting process.

Some production photos from the Annie website, by Paul Coltas

The Unfair

I know its a very long time ago, however... during April, I got my sign painting brushes out for the first time, and what fun it was! Assisting with 'The Unfair', part of the Grief Series by Ellie Harrison, designed by Bethany Wells, we created an un-fairground, with traditional signs all over.
 Photographs from 'The Unfair', Theatre in the Mill, Bradford.

Images from the painting and building process.

 Have a look at some more images on Bethany's website here